Transmission Servicing And Repairs

Keeping Your Transmission in Good Condition is Vital

If your transmission fails, you won’t be able to change gears. This is an essential part of all cars, manual or automatic. You may have noticed your clutch failing to engage, the smell of something burning when you drive, grinding while changing gears, pooling fluid under the car, your ‘check engine/transmission’ lights may be on, whining, or your gears may slip. All of these are signs of a failing transmission. If you haven’t seen any of these signs, you are lucky. We recommend regular servicing to maintain your transmission’s fortunate condition.

Transmission Diagnosis and Repairs Specialists

The mechanics at Elite Auto Care are your local transmission service and repair experts. We service and repair both manual and automatic transmission vehicles and carry commonly needed parts in stock at all times. Using high quality components, we ensure lasting results delivered in a timely manner.