Suspension Servicing And Repairs

Does Your Suspension Need Servicing or Repairs?

There are some easily identifiable things to look out for to check if your car’s suspension needs a service or repair:

  • Driving experience is rough and shaky
  • The bonnet dips during driving
  • The car’s handling is poor around corners
  • Braking is slower than it used to be
  • The steering wheel vibrates
  • The wheels are wearing unevenly

If you are unsure, be safe and have the experts at Elite Auto Care lend a professional eye to analyse your vehicle’s shock absorption and suspension system. We also service and repair steering and brake systems if these turns out to be the source of the problems.

Brake Servicing and Repairs

Spongy brakes, squealing, shuddering, or pulling to one side, are all signs of brake concerns. We have in-house mechanics with in-depth brake experience for all brake servicing and maintenance repairs. As we value our customers’ safety, feel free to stop in for a complimentary brake and suspension check.