RWC And Vehicle Inspections

Roadworthy Certification

Elite Auto Care is fully accredited and trusted to give professional vehicle inspections. We can certify roadworthy vehicles and, if your vehicle doesn’t pass, provide details on how to get your vehicle roadworthy. As a full service centre with experienced mechanics on board, we can provide in-house repairs to get your vehicle in a roadworthy state.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Cars can develop lots of hidden problems. Sometimes used cars have wear and tear that hasn’t caused a problem, yet will soon if left unchecked. Elite Auto Care inspects used cars on your behalf and provides you with informed advice so you know what you are buying and how much you want to pay, accounting for future maintenance costs.

Modification Plates

Queensland Law states any vehicle customisation or modification requires an in-depth inspection and modification plate. Here at Elite Auto Care, we can provide in-depth information on which items require a modification plate and can carry out the complete process in house.