Engine Servicing And Repairs

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

At the heart of every vehicle is the engine. It is responsible for turning your fuel into motion. When engines begin to have trouble they can give a poor ride, often accompanied by strange sounds, smells and smoke. If you see any of these signs, your ‘check engine’ light is on, or you are due for a service, come visit the engine experts at Elite Auto Care. We specialise in all engine components, including radiators, cooling systems and exhaust.

Regular Tune-Ups Save Time and Money

It is important to keep your engine in good condition at all times, as regular servicing is much more cost-effective than total engine replacement. Engine servicing is usually quick and simple. Engine overhauls, on the other hand, often require ordering in large parts, complicated installation, and extensive testing, all of which takes time and money.

Repairs and Full Engine Replacements

If your engine needs more than a standard check up, the Elite Auto Care mechanics are the best around. We uphold the highest standard of workmanship and have a wealth of experience with a large variety of makes, models and vehicle types.We also having an experienced engine builder with in house engine building facilities and equipment.